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Rebirth del 2 (Rebirth, #2) Kang-Woo Lee

Rebirth del 2 (Rebirth, #2)

Kang-Woo Lee

Published 2005
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Shadows of born from light...Born of noble blood, Deshwitat Rudbich became an outcast after being infected by the Vampire curse. Now hes reduced to drinking the blood of his former countrymen in order to survive...but the Light can always banish Shadow. Three hundred years ago, Deshwitat was banished to a prison of stone by the Sorcerer of Light, Kalutika. And there he would have remained for eternity, had fate not intervened. Resurrected to the present day, he now seeks revenge. So for an agent of Shadow to beat the light...Light and Darkness are not necessarily aligned with good and evil. Kalutika, once an agent of goodness, now uses Light Magic in his plot for domination. Deshwitat is the only one who can possibly stand against him, but as proven 300 years ago, his Dark Magic is unable to defeat Kalutika...he must learn to control the Light. In order to defeat his nemesis, Deshwitat must do the unthinkable - a vampire and master of Dark Magic must learn to harness the power of Light Magic. Impossible? Western sorcerers have always assumed so, but a group of Buddhist monks in China claim that they have done just that. So, accompanied by his reluctant companions, Deshwitat travels east to change destiny.