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Logica fantastica: sillogismi Lewis Carroll

Logica fantastica: sillogismi

Lewis Carroll

Published 1999
ISBN : 9788872264706
32 pages
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 About the Book 

Concise, engaging, great for self-learnersThe Kindle edition is a little strange- I cant seem to find the references diagrams in it, although web searching the book will help you on those occasions.Its a short book that touches mostly on the basics of symbolic logic, so it might be stuff that youve already learned in middle school math class. However, Carroll will probably make this topic a thousand times clearer than your teacher could dream to. He simplifies most propositions into one of only three forms, so you wouldnt have a hard time remembering. And if youre struggling with converting sentences into letters, you have his logic diagrams to aid you reach your conclusions (he claims his diagrams to be much more efficient than Eulers and more complete than Venns, although hes kinda pushing it on that later claim. His diagrams are definitely simpler to use for small discussions).His comments on other popular views of the topic are a must-read- they will let you judge where Carroll and his book stand in the topic before you move on to his subsequent writings or to other authors. Now wish me luck as I try to find a similarly great summary of Russell and Whiteheads epic