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Whores, Queers and Others Philip Barrows

Whores, Queers and Others

Philip Barrows

Published September 1st 2005
ISBN : 9781596542082
260 pages
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 About the Book 

Classic of gay literature, and a 10-year chronicle of life split between post-war Paris, Italy, and New York. This seminal title, helping to transition society from the days when Glory Hole meant a lucky mining strike, has been out of print for a while, perhaps because the modern gay community isnt able to come to grips with Barrows final decision on his own sexuality. Still, as a work by a man who tried just about everything, beginning his narrative at the seminary of all places, its a worthy effort for anyone interested in the subject or the period. First published as a two-volume set by the short-lived Odyssey Library (Danish Olympia Press).